“Every family has a secret, and the secret is that it is not like other families

Alan Bennet

The Firm deals with all the legal aspects of the family from de facto cohabitation, to civil unions, to consensual or judicial procedures for resolving the marital crisis. Advice and drafting of the cohabitation contract to regulate the matrimonial property regime of the couple’s life. Assistance in the event of termination of cohabitation or dissolution of the civil partnership in order to protect children and in the area of succession.


Assistance in all proceedings for judicial separation; judicial divorce; proceedings for the custody of children born out of wedlock; judgments modifying the conditions of separation, divorce and custody of children born out of wedlock; consensual separation, joint divorce, joint appeal for the custody of children born out of wedlock; maintenance; appeals pursuant to art. 709b; disputes concerning parental responsibility; de facto proceedings; state actions; proceedings concerning the status and capacity of persons.

The recent reform of family law is extensive and comprehensive.

The provision of a single rite for families and more effective protection for women and children who suffer violence, the strengthening of family mediation and assisted negotiation and the establishment of the Court for Persons, for minors and families are the most significant features of recent legislation.

The prediction of a unique rite for families is a fundamental turning point, because it will allow to unify the different rites in favor of a new rite more streamlined and fast.

The reform also aims to bring order between the different operators that revolve around the family: from social and health services to expert consultants, to mediators, to the new figure of the parental coordinator, with the aim of defining roles and different methodologies.

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