Creativity is nothing more than intelligence
that enjoys itself” 

Albert Einstein

The Copyright Law provides for the protection of “intellectual works of creative character,” which belong to literature, music, figurative arts, architecture, theater and cinematography, whatever the mode or form of expression.

The evolution of new information technologies, have extended the scope of copyright protection to include photographic works, programs, databases and industrial design creations.

On December 12, 2021, Legislative Decree No. 177/2021, which transposes into Italian law Directive (EU) No. 2019/790 of April 17, 2019, on copyright and related rights in the digital single market (“Copyright Directive”), came into force

The Copyright Directive was created with the aim of updating and harmonizing the copyright legislation of the Member States in order to adapt it to technological and digital developments.

In addition to the “classic” works of art, it includes, design that has an effectively creative character and everything produced by the world of advertising, as well as under certain conditions software.

Extrajudicial and judicial advice and assistance to protect and defend your creativity.

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